How was ‘Take The Controls’?

How was ‘Take the Controls’? Cafemnee’s March event was brilliant!  23 women attended the day to take the controls of their music and here are some of their comments about the day: ‘Getting paid has always been a taboo. I’m glad for the information’ ‘This has opened my knowledge so much, on how to dealContinue reading “How was ‘Take The Controls’?”

Cafemnee ‘Take The Controls’ Promo Video

Hope your weekend is going well. Just taking two and a half minutes to tell you about our brilliant Cafemnee day ‘Take The Controls’ coming up in two weeks time.  The video spells out the content of each session. It’s taken Millicent over 30 years of working in the Industry to figure some of theseContinue reading “Cafemnee ‘Take The Controls’ Promo Video”

Cafemnee Bonus Session and Early Bird finishes 31st Jan

A bonus session has been added to the day Ladies!  Starting at 9.30am we have the ‘Music Industry Hour‘.  Where we will look at relevant music industry and business topics and how they relate to you. I‘m looking forward to sharing some of the things I’ve learnt in moving my music from a hobby toContinue reading “Cafemnee Bonus Session and Early Bird finishes 31st Jan”

Cafemnee Saturday 4th March 2017

Cafemnee Saturday 4th March 2017 Take The Controls Why this theme? Whether you are starting out in music, returning to music, see music as an hobby or are working in music full or part time you have the controls but how will you use them? The world of music has changed.  Once upon a time music moghuls andContinue reading “Cafemnee Saturday 4th March 2017”