Cafemnee Online: Carlene’s Experience

Carlene was one of the people who attended our Cafemnee Online Worshop during the months of April and May this year. She shared with us some of her impressions, that we invite you to read so you can have a good idea of what to expect from our projects and how what we do could help you out in your path to a successful career in music.

What did Carlene say about ‘What Shall I Wear?’

What did Carlene said about ‘What Shall I Wear?’ ‘Good Morning Millicent and fellow women. I participated last week in the workshop on Sat 8th September – with regards to presenting yourself whilst performing using colour and body image to get the best out of yourself and your performance. Well, women if u didn’t getContinue reading “What did Carlene say about ‘What Shall I Wear?’”