‘How To Make Friends With Your Nerves’ – Marcia’s Story

I was delighted at being asked to sing, but shocked that it was to be a capella. You see, I’m used to singing in choirs, as backing vocalist, and the rare solo but with instrumental accompaniment, but on this day, Friday 17th August, 2018, my vocals were to be totally exposed, aaaargh!!! No music, atContinue reading “‘How To Make Friends With Your Nerves’ – Marcia’s Story”

I’m loving how Cafemnee’s helped me – Jacqueline’s Story

So, my singing history charts over many years singing in groups and choirs, as a backing vocalist and soloist working with artists and musicians from far and wide.  I love to sing, but felt in the last two years in particular, that my confidence was being greatly eroded after working with a few people whoContinue reading “I’m loving how Cafemnee’s helped me – Jacqueline’s Story”

How Was ‘Your Mind Is Your Music’?

How was ‘Your Mind Is Your Music?’, fantastic!  We had a brilliant day with 23 women turning up ready to challenge themselves to do their music better, bigger, different. Some of the women said: ‘The day offered sheer beauty, encouragement, skill building, togetherness as women’ ‘A timely reminder of our inner resources and know-how’ ‘TheContinue reading “How Was ‘Your Mind Is Your Music’?”

How Do You Deal With Your Nerves?

How do you deal with your performance nerves?  Do you fall apart before, during or after?  What do you do to cope? This is the topic of tomorrow’s Facebook live with  Novelette Aldred (Psychotherapist and Hospital Chaplin) who will be joining Millicent on Millicent’s Facebook page. If you are are not on Facebook ,  youContinue reading “How Do You Deal With Your Nerves?”

‘Your Mind Is Your Music’ – Postponed due to weather. New date April 7th

Unfortunately the recent snow storm has affected travel around the Country impeding some of the trainers and delegates travel routes to Cafemnee ‘Your Mind Is Your Music’.  So tomorrow’s session is postponed due to the weather.  The new date is April 7th. On the upside women, it gives you a chance to book and joinContinue reading “‘Your Mind Is Your Music’ – Postponed due to weather. New date April 7th”

Facebook live replay video: Why do mistakes stick?

Why do mistakes stick? ‘Have you ever wondered why it is sometimes easier to remember the negative comments more than the positive one?’ This question was posed by Novelette Aldred – Psychotherapist and Hospital Chaplin for our Facebook live session.  For me it’s very true, mistakes stick in our mind more than our wins andContinue reading “Facebook live replay video: Why do mistakes stick?”

Estill Vocal Training 3rd March

Louise Dengate will be the vocal workshop tutor in the afternoon of 3rd March, ‘Your Mind Is Your Music’ (Cafemnee – my women in music project) Louise is a musician and singer from Stratford upon Avon who is involved in the music business in various ways. Louise is the lead singer with Impromptu Jazz Band andContinue reading “Estill Vocal Training 3rd March”

The Day I Changed My Mind

As promised here is the earlier Facebook live stream video about the day I changed my mind and dealt with a thought that was tripping me up in my playing.  I would love to hear your stories too.  By the way, I kick off with ‘My Love’ and finish with ‘Thinking Out Loud’.  Enjoy! 🙂