And from more women:

Written testimonials from previous delegates:

“I did my Grade 8 Classical Piano many years ago. I played in church but as I couldn’t understand the ways the guys speak and was put down by some of their comments I stopped playing. When I returned home after the Cafemnee meeting I was so inspired by what I had learnt. I removed all the junk that had covered my piano for years, dusted it off and just played!”

“I struggled to improvise in my Band. I just hated it when I was asked to solo. What do I do? How do I find the key? but I’ve learnt how to tackle it today. It was also good to have a go in the Jam session and now I feel more confident”

“I have so many songs to learn in a week that when I sit down to practise I don’t know where to start. I end up trying to do it all in one sitting and am not successful but now I realise I don’t have to do that. Having heard a different way of approaching practises, I now know how to restructure my practise sessions so I can achieve more in the time I have”

“It was good to hear I was not alone in those hindrances but at least now I know what to do about them”.

Comments regarding the BBC1 Songs of Praise experience:

‘Many thanks again for the songs of praise workshop. All the music we played was new to me, but I realise that sometimes you need to “feel” the music in order to get the confidence to attempt to play it. My performance playing confidence is not very high and I’m quite happy hiding in the background, but I felt I moved a few steps forward during the workshop and focused on what I could play rather than what I couldn’t play. Thanking you and Marcie for that. All the other musicians at the event also boosted my confidence as they seemed relaxed and focused which created a truly fun learning experience. Looking forward to the next one’.

‘Last Sunday already feels such a long time ago.  Fortunately, it’s left me with feelings of warmth and happiness for you.  You’ve taken a great idea and turned it into reality, bringing so much joy and comfort to women musicians.

We not only learn how to improve our skills in relation to our individual instruments, but we increase our knowledge and understanding of music theory whilst also gaining a better appreciation of other instruments and the other women who attend the workshops.  The spiritual dimension or underpinning of these events unifies people from differing denominations, through the power of music and this can only be a good thing.

I particularly enjoyed when we played Amazing Grace.  It transcended the fact that the BBC cameramen and Josie D’Arby were present and created a spiritual moment for me.  I have to say that the camera crew and Josie were very friendly and supportive.  I’m sure this helped to put us at ease too.

Many thanks for sharing and including us in your vision. I’m sure it will grow from strength to strength’

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